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  • Changsha Railway Station

  • The second quarter of WuXi Rail

  • WuXi Railway Station

  • Tangshan Railway Station

  • Shijiazhuang Railway Station

  • Xiamen Railway Station

  • ningbo railway station

  • Yixing Railway Station

  • GuiYang Railway Station

Take a look at the design concept and grasp the trend of the international trend
Guangzhou Design Week Tour
Vision + thought, exploring the infinite glory of global art in walking
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Take a look at the design concept and grasp the trend of the international trend
Honor Awarded

Guangzhou Design Week Tour Cer

Louvre Space Arts Knight Medal

"Design week, tour College" with the annual Guangzhou design week related to the architectural, landscape, indoor, soft clothing, product design, and material application of the special exhibition, forum for travel content, the passing of the Guangzhou design Zhou organizing committee will be awarded the "Guangzhou design week.
The knight's medal is the medal of honor of France, founded by Napoleon, formerly used to encourage citizens who are meritorious in the middle of war. In 1963, under the advocacy of French President De Gaulle, the "Knight's Medal" was re established and became the highest honor of the French government. The designer who completes the global tour tour will be awarded the "Louvre space art Knight Medal". It represents the outstanding achievement and international honor of the designer in the field
Designing to activate artistic ideas
Dialogue Design
“History dialogue design master”
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